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Putin threatens Sweden and Finland

ab and how Russia sees itself as threatened by NATO is subject to constant change. Most recently, last December, Moscow submitted to Russia a draft “security guarantees” from NATO and America that exclude any expansion of the alliance. This happened against the background of the deployment of troops against Ukraine, which they declared their desire to prevent its accession to NATO. But Moscow’s demands can also be transferred to other countries. Many see this as a strategic defeat Vladimir PutinThat Sweden and Finland want to give up their non-aligned status after the attack on Ukraine and that Russia is likely to receive a new 1,300 km of external border with NATO territory. Putin, who has repeatedly expressed, including on Wednesday evening when he appeared before his state media entourage during a visit to Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, deplored America’s alleged attempts to turn Ukraine into “anti-Russian” and “bridgehead” against Russia, is abandoning himself. But he is indifferent to the most significant NATO expansion in decades. “We have no problems with Sweden and Finland,” Putin said. Unlike Ukraine, there are no territorial disputes, “Nothing can worry us about Finland or Sweden joining NATO. Well, if you like, please ”, this is your “business”. “There were no threats” to the two countries, Putin said before that, “everything was fine.” In the future, Russia will have to respond to possible (NATO) deployments in Sweden and Finland “in a mirror image and to create the same threats to the regions from which the threats originated for us.”