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Putin's evil nuclear maneuvers in the Baltic Sea

Putin’s evil nuclear maneuvers in the Baltic Sea

In Kaliningrad, the Russian stronghold between Lithuania and Poland, the exercises were conducted with nuclear-capable Iskander missiles, according to Moscow sources. It can be part of a “escalation to de-escalation” intimidation strategy.

On Wednesday, Russia again sent a nuclear warning signal: troops in Kaliningrad (K√∂nigsberg), the Russian outpost of the namesake capital on the Baltic Sea between NATOLithuania and Poland have used nuclear-capable Iskander missiles. According to the Ministry of Defense, it was about the “electronic launch” of missiles with nuclear warheads, and about simulated attacks on fictitious military targets. Enemy and reaction to counterattacks.

What happened in detail is not clear. It is known that in Kaliningrad, as part of the 11th Army Corps, mobile missile systems of the Iskander-M type have been around for a long time; According to the latest information, the 152nd Guards Missile Brigade at the Tschernyakhovsk (Insterburg) airfield has twelve launchers and at least 48 hard-to-intercept missiles, which fly 500 km in four minutes and can still hit targets in Germany, Denmark and. Sweden.

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