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Queen Maxima: Her New “America” ​​Look Tested

Queen Maxima: Her New “America” ​​Look Tested

Queen Maxima
He fashionably reinvents himself and takes America by storm

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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are on a four-day working visit to the United States. The king not only shines on a diplomatic level but also presents a visually altered self. Find out what makes his “America” ​​so special here.

King Willem-Alexander, 57, and Queen Maxima, 53, began their four-day tour of the United States in Atlanta on June 10, 2024. A stunning and colorful first look is still being talked about days later. The reason for this is the 53-year-old monarch's travel wardrobe. While she relied on her tried-and-tested styling formula and luxury label Nathan Couture at Georgia's governor's reception, she seems to be reinventing herself fashionably on her trip to America. Three details are particularly noteworthy.

Queen Maxima's newfound love for neutrals

While royals like Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42, or Queen Mary, 52, prefer pale tones during public appearances so they don't draw attention, Máxima follows a more dominant fashion strategy. She wears what she likes and what suits her. Her blonde hair and slightly shiny complexion are particularly effective in shades of yellow, green or orange. It's even more surprising that the colorful rainbow didn't make an appearance in the US after a flamboyant appearance in a red cape from Nathan Couture at the start of the tour. Instead, on two consecutive dates she wore light sandy tones reminiscent of Duchess Meghan's style. During the reception at the Schuyler Mansion Museum and the New York State Executive Mansion, Willem-Alexander's wife relied on looks already in her wardrobe, but the accumulation of neutral tones was unusual for her. America seems to want to present itself as more modern, calm and luxurious.

Queen Máxima hangs up her colorful dresses in America, opting for neutral, earthy tones.

Queen Máxima hangs up her colorful dresses in America, opting for neutral, earthy tones.

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Diplomacy? Queen Maxima in an all-American look

Diplomacy is an indisputable rule of thumb for royalty. This includes her actions, but also her wardrobe. For this reason, Queen Máxima often wears orange to properly represent her husband's country. The host's national color is also often worn during state visits. So it's no coincidence that Queen Máxima wore red when she arrived – the color of the American flag. However, the connection of a country is not only clarified by color, friendship is indicated with the help of typical style elements – Breton sweaters in France, a sari dress in India, etc. – or famous designers. On the second day of her trip to America, Máxima demonstrates just how subtle these diplomatic fashion choices are. While visiting Savannah's historic downtown, he doesn't believe in an American label or national colors, instead he embraces all-American style. As we know from Melania Trump, 54, the 53-year-old appears in a tight sheath dress from Dior with a peplum. It is simple and elegant at the same time. You won't find Maxima's option for XL jewelry here. The king's hairstyle especially stands out. A medium-high ponytail is slightly teased at the back of the head, thus gaining significant volume. In the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander's wife usually wore her hair up.

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Pure nostalgia: 22 year old parts used

Queen Máxima's penchant for luxury labels may be an expensive hobby, but her stylish treasures are worn time and time again. He makes his first appearance on a trip to America with recycled pieces. She wore her red Natan Couture dress during a state visit to Austria in 2022, and in the US she paired a Ferrari red “moneypenny bag” from the Sophie Habsburg label. The second companion is more ancient: the red enchantment. The lovable Argentine wore a fluffy headdress made of fluffy artificial feathers on Prince's Day in 2002 – some 22 years ago! Another thoughtful fashion move that underscores the importance of state travel.

Queen Maxima's charisma is a special area.

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