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Queer Moments in Simmering's Lost Places

Queer Moments in Simmering’s Lost Places

(C) Queer Moments/Vicki Bush: Photographer Barbara Essell and District Manager Thomas Steinhardt.

Art photographer Barbara Isle travels across Europe for many years, photographing abandoned hospitals, abandoned factories, buildings and other places that are no longer “used”. Her latest project brought her to Simmering. The result can be seen through June 24 as a photo exhibition in the official building in Simmering. The sites of this ua Alberner Haven, Thürnlhof Castle, a demolished house, a cemetery of the unknown and a deserted area directly in the Vienna Central Cemetery.

against every barrier

Through the exhibition, Essl wants to draw attention to social diversity. Familiar everyday scenes are liberated from all conventions and tell personal stories – thus also the living history of Simmering. You can watch the film “Queer Moments”, the project is supported by the initiative of the non-profit association “Queer Dance im Gemeindebau”. The point is not to use the term “strange” with “exclusively different” but with “individually and universally different”.

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