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Racing USA Pt2 extension and V1.3.1.0 ready

(MST / – With update V1.3.1.0, Reiza Studios has released the Racing USA Pt2 extension for Automobilista 2. Despite improvements in a common nature and improvements in the user interface, physics and AI, the Racing USA Pt2 expansion was the first game content dedicated to the golden age of American single-seater racing and various vehicles of the Reynolds. , Swifts and Lola revive indie cars and champ cars from the 1990s along with three street courses.

AMS2 now offers this single seat from North America

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The vehicles will form their own genre in the game as “Formula USA” and will be divided into three generations. It starts with the Gen2 vehicles of the 1995 Indigo season. Specifically, these are the Raynard 98i, Swift 009c and Lola T98 and the Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport Circuit and Watkins Glenn International (4 layouts).

If the development studio complies with the original plan, the remaining vehicles – Formula USA Gen1 with Reynard 95i and Lola T95, Formula USA Gen3 and Lola B2K / 00 with Reynard 2Ki – as well as the third lane will be available shortly before 2021 Christmas. . After the final license details were clarified, the secret of the third race course has now been revealed: this is Rhode America.

Driver 2 – V1.3.1.0-Changelog:
-Cliveland Burke Lakefront Airport Round (part of Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC Pack)
-Added Watkins Glenn International (4 layouts) (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC Pack)

-Formula USA Gen2 class includes Reynard 98i, Swift 009C, Lola T98 (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)

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-Optimized FFB / Custom script performance
Further fixes for shadow layer parameters
-Ai suspension rates to reduce the appearance of some cars “trembling” in online racing (predictor for multiplayer antagonists Netcode uses the same AI parameters)
Fixed selection issues with custom AI grids feature
Further adjustment for shadow layer parameters

UI and HUD
-Added wheelbase specifications for engine displacement, weight distribution, vehicle browser and loading screen
Added driver flag on front / rear session leaderboards
– Fixed online rating terms options being visible in single player.
Fixed extended fuel icon on session overview screen
Fixed extended flag system on national exam screen
Fixed rate of loading screen vehicle render
– Adjust the mouse activation zones on the monitor screen
– Updated credit list

Physics and AI
Minor tire tread fixes for GTE, GT3, F-V10 G1, F-V10 G2, F-Reiza, Super V8
Modified shower tires for all classes; Increased slick dropoff in moisture for GT cars
-More fine tuning for the ABS system
-F- Coach AI Calibration Pass
– Modified shower tires; Increased slick dropoff in moisture for GT cars
Added wet and hard compounds for F-USA G2; Medium and hard to edit to F-ultimate
Helper spring charges for Porsche Cup, GT3-R and RSR GTE adjusted
– Improved SuperV8 suspension (spring mass reduction), modified Splitter Aero
-Adjusted AI suspension parameters to minimize problems such as AI rolling or jumping high curbs on certain tracks.