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Ramos rejected a lifetime contract with Sevilla

Ramos rejected a lifetime contract with Sevilla

Sergio Ramos decided to leave Sevilla after ten months (read >>>). In a specially arranged press conference, the 38-year-old veteran defender spoke about the background to his departure.

Ramos expressed his regret that he did not leave Sevilla on good terms in 2005. He saw his return to the club as an opportunity to close this “open wound”. It was his clear desire to make things easier with Sevilla.

But he also returned for his father and grandparents, who had Sevilla in their hearts. The Spanish world and European champion said that fairness to them was a “clear goal.”

Ramos leaves behind his lifelong love

“The club did everything in their power to keep me here,” the 38-year-old said, but he himself was not convinced he would play for Sevilla for another year. The decision was a “personal and family” decision. Even the special offer could not convince the four-time Champions League winner to stay: “I would like to confirm that they have given me the opportunity to stay here and get a lifetime contract.”

Ramos spoke of “a love that lasts a lifetime” and promised to return. He left it open where the defensive veteran would go next. He just wanted to reveal this much: “I haven't made a decision yet and haven't signed with any team yet.”