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Rapid wants 3 points as a reward for a frequent flyer in Altach

Rapid wants 3 points as a reward for a frequent flyer in Altach

The fast-travel group has landed in Vorarlberg for their European tour. On Tuesday they flew from Vienna to Cyprus, on Friday straight to western Austria, and on Sunday they returned home after the match. At Vorarlberg, the runners-up will play the ninth competitive match of the season in 31 days, for Altach it is the fifth match at this time.

“We’re ready,” coach Didi Kohbauer said almost defiantly. Although temperatures are higher this weekend in Austria, the weather is almost as pleasant in Vorarlberg with 30 degrees in the afternoon compared to Cyprus (no more than ten degrees).

Kohbauer has the team available that made it to the playoffs in the European League. Only Robert Ljubicic is allowed to play internationally due to suspension and must watch Altach. Stojkovic and Petrovic are also in Vienna after falling ill, and Christopher Dupont played yesterday in Rapid II’s 3-0 home defeat to Kapfenberg in order to find a rhythm he can’t do with the busy travel activity. Coach Kohbauer is anticipating an enthusiastic opponent as well as Damir Kennedy has a past on the fast bench. “We have to be smart and not allow ourselves to react.” Of course, Kennedy sees the burden on Rapid’s players as a slight advantage: “They have a young squad that regenerates well, but can play our part at the end of the game.”

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