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Raspberry Meringue Roll: Little effort, great effect

Raspberry Meringue Roll: Little effort, great effect

We love cakes that require little work but look like a lot. If they also taste heavenly, we'll finally be over the moon. This is exactly the case with this raspberry meringue roll. The airy meringue with its fluffy crust and velvety raspberry cream filling is simply gorgeous and truly impresses everyone.

At first, a meringue roll seems very complicated. After all, foamy pastry made with egg whites must have the perfect consistency for you to be able to roll it. But it's really easy to do. If you stick to the preparation and follow a little trick after baking, your meringue sheet won't become tough and break later when you roll it out. While the meringue is cooling, you should cover it with a damp kitchen towel. This way they stay nice and elastic and you're guaranteed to make raspberry meringue rolls.

By the way, we don't just fill our raspberry meringue rolls with whipped cream and berries. We love different flavors and textures in our dishes. Because who likes monotony? That's why we add something else to our raspberry cream filling Vanilla paste* Which emphasizes the fruity aroma of the berries. Then you'll be licking your fingers and baking these raspberry meringue rolls again and again – we promise! By the way, you can also vary the fruit in the filling. Strawberries, cherries, raspberries, mango and rhubarb all taste great.

You have many options to make the role look attractive later. We of course added the obligatory raspberry and mint icing on the cake. You can also simply sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Chopped nuts are also a great option. Go wild and find your favorite group.

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Rhubarb meringue cake on light blue cake stand and gray stone table.  Next to it are some pink tulle.


2 hours and 30 minutes.

Medium difficulty

By the way: our recipes are also available in the app – just download it!

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Raspberry Meringue Roll: Little effort, great effect

Best season:

Suitable all year round

a description

For lucky guests: raspberry meringue roll.

to prepare

  1. First, line a baking tray with baking paper, then grease it with a little oil, then preheat the oven to 125 degrees.

  2. Then start beating the egg whites until stiff. Then slowly add half the amount of sugar and continue whipping the mixture for a few minutes. Now add the other half of the sugar, vanilla sugar, starch and lemon juice and continue beating until you get a shiny and stiff mixture.

  3. Spread the meringue mixture evenly on the baking paper and bake in the oven for about 25 minutes. The surface should be crispy and the meringue should separate easily from the baking paper.

  4. Allow the meringue to cool briefly, and in the meantime place a layer of baking paper on a cake rack and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Pour the meringue on top and remove the baking paper on which it was baked. Now take a wet kitchen towel and place it over the meringue until it cools.

  5. While the meringue is cooling, you can work on the filling. Wash the berries and sort them. Beat the whipped cream with the vanilla paste until combined, then add the berries.

  6. Now distribute the filling evenly over the meringue. Leave some space around the edge. Now roll the meringue from the short side and optionally decorate with cream, berries, herbs or any other toppings.