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RB Leipzig vs RB Salzburg: Forsberg defends Red Bull deals

RB Leipzig vs RB Salzburg: Forsberg defends Red Bull deals

RB Leipzig veteran Emil Forsberg expresses himself in he ran Bundesliga web show About the current situation in Saxony. The Swede also responds to criticism, praises coach Max Eberle, and reveals how he plans for his career after his career.

Emil Forsberg on…

… Max Eberle: “He’s a great guy and he’s already done incredibly well in Gladbach. We’re happy to have him here. He’s the right guy. You can talk to him about anything. Max is one of us now.”

… Criticism of the many transfers of players from Salzburg to Leipzig, which Max Eberle angrily commented on in 2016: “I can certainly understand that, but I don’t have to worry about that. We found good players there and bring them here. I now have to learn more Austrian expressions because more and more terms like ‘Grüß Gott’ are being used.” We are big players and they want to join us, even though they probably have alternatives. They want to join us because they know we’re doing a lot of things right. I watched the development with Marcel Sabitzer and Konrad Leimer. Many players have joined Well Develop here. This of course drives the other players. I think Max also understood that they are really good players and he just wants to have them.”

.. His future after the end of the contract in 2025: “I will take over from Marco [Rose – Anm. d. Red.] as a coach. [lacht] I don’t know. I want to stay as long as I can. The club and I fit together very well. We play great football and have a great team. Leipzig is a wonderful city. I am not worried right now. We’ll see in 2025, but for now I just want to live in the here and now.”

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… Possible career as a coach: “Why not? I’m also very interested in tactics and the subject motivates me. Let’s see. I’m currently an active footballer and I have to focus on that.”

Odds against Manchester City: “We want to beat City and go further. It will be very difficult, but we showed at home in the second half that we can do it. As a player, you have to be happy. As a player, you live from games like that. You’ve had hard times all your life to be able to win.” Play games like that and then you have to enjoy them.”

His goals this season: “We want to create some tension there at the table. We want to get as far as possible in the cup and the Champions League. After 34 games we’ll see how it goes. It’s my dream and I’ll work hard on it and the guys are pushing to get there.”

.. His dream of the title in the first degree: “For the Champions League title, I’m happy to put off planning my entire vacation and training for it. I’ll take my vacation in July or August and come to the training camp later.” [lacht]