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ready.  complete.  Come here!  HCP starts with a home game 🏒 HC Pustertal

ready. complete. Come here! HCP starts with a home game 🏒 HC Pustertal

Previous balance sheet

HC Pustertal managed to celebrate in 3 of 4 matches in the first year of their opponent Vorarlberg. The results were 4:0, 3:1, 9:0. The relegation to Feldkirch is still painful in the memory: after all, the 2023 playoffs were missed due to an unnecessary 2-1 defeat to the Pioneers. If you include the former club VEU Feldkirch in the previous record, then of course there are many defeats in the Alpine League in the 1990s, but there are also epic battles in the Alpine Hockey League.

As far as home openers are concerned, the balance sheet is…expandable. In 2021 – in the first match at the Intercable Arena – there was an unforgettable 3:4 after extra time against Red Bull Salzburg. In 2022, there was a defeat against Fehervár (1:4) at the beginning of the season. Now we want our first win in our first home game.

Sharks vs. Wolves This duel took place in a total of 8 regular season games over two seasons. While the Communist Party was victorious three times, the North Tyroleans remained victorious five times. Results by season are listed below.
2022/23 from the point of view of the High Commission for Planning: 3:8, 5:3, 4:1, 5:3
2012/22 From the point of view of the Supreme Council for Phosphate: 4:3, 2:4, 2:3, 6:3

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