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Real Madrid and Man City play 1-1 in the first division semi-finals

Real Madrid and Man City play 1-1 in the first division semi-finals

Real Madrid didn’t quite progress as expected after Manchester City dominated much of the first half and gained possession. Brazilian Vinicius Jr.’s shot from mid-range was the hosts’ first shot on goal – and it went into the top left corner. De Bruyne again managed to equalize after the break when the Spaniards came under pressure – also with a long-range shot. In the end, the “Blancos” were closer to 2: 1, but it still remained a draw.

It was clear that the guests were improving at the Santiago Bernabéu and worked intensively on the space in front of the madridine penalty area. Every now and then City also beat the last line, only good finishes were lacking. De Bruyne’s shot was easy prey for Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, whose men up front were very unsubtle in the first 20 minutes.

The first serious action of the English player in the penalty area took place only in the 25th minute, and a sharp pass from Vinicius Jr. was caught at the right time. Ten minutes later, Benzema came close to the ball from a dangerous position, but had touched it with his hand before. Shortly afterwards, after a fine shot by Vinicius Jr. after Camavinga’s preparatory work, the ball fizzled into the net.

The flow of play with the English champions was interrupted for the time being, and then the match got even more difficult. After changing teams, Benzema (50) shot on sight, 2-0. Alaba, on the other hand, received applause from the ranks for his save against Erling Haaland which this time was harmless in the penalty area. Real Madrid now dominated the game and at times put pressure on Manchester in their own half. But then De Bruyne’s hammer hit the bottom left corner from about 20 metres.

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So everything is set for an exciting finale. At Benzema’s header (78′), City goalkeeper Ederson blocked space. The Brazilian also nullified a shot by substitute Aurelien Choameni (90).

Inter Milan and AC Milan will play in the second semi-final. The first leg of the AC Milan duel takes place on Wednesday (9pm).