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Rebecca Ferguson refuses to work with this movie star

Rebecca Ferguson refuses to work with this movie star

Star “Dune”. Rebecca Ferguson She revealed that one of the former stars “screamed” at her while filming together and she ran away crying.

The Swedish actress discussed her experience in Hollywood on an episode of the Reign with Josh Smith podcast.

Rebecca Ferguson makes allegations against a famous actor

Among other things, she claimed a “total idiot co-star” would never work with her again after she was treated inappropriately on the set of a previous film.

However, Ferguson confirmed that this is not the case Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise With whom she appeared in “The Greatest Showman” and “Mission Impossible.”

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“I remember there was a moment where this person felt insecure and angry because this other person couldn't make it backstage,” she said. “And I think I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable because I was being yelled at.”

“But because this person was number one on the casting list, there was no safety net for me,” she continued. “So no one supported me. I cried as I walked away from the set.”

Rebecca recalled the unnamed actor saying things to her on set in front of the entire crew, such as: “Do you call yourself an actress?”, “This is what I should work with?” and “What the hell is this?” “I just stood there and collapsed,” she said.

Ferguson was hoping for support from the producers, but received none. After being cheated on by her co-star, she defended herself the next day. “You're leaving my group,” she told her co-star. “I remember being so scared. I looked at this person and said: 'You can leave.' […] I don't want to see you again.”

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The producers then warned her that she could not do that to the actor in question, who was referred to as “Number One”, because he had to be on set.

But the actress stood her ground. I then went to the director and asked him why this behavior was allowed to continue. And prove her right.

“From that moment on it was great,” Ferguson said, stressing that it took many years for her situation in Hollywood to improve. Things have gotten better in the last 10 or 12 years of her life, “and I've been acting since I was 16.”