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Recall: Salmonella in Surprise Eggs - Scientist -

Recall: Salmonella in Surprise Eggs – Scientist –

Salmonella in Surprise Eggs: Ferrero remembers the products.
© Canva, Ferrero

With more than 60 cases of salmonella in the UK, Ferrero recalled some batches of Kinder Surprise Eggs less than two weeks before Easter.

The Food Safety Agency said the recall “has a possible link to the salmonella outbreak.” On Monday, the Palestinian News Agency reported that around 63 people in the UK, mostly young children, have contracted salmonella.

Many affected countries

It is also said that there are some infections in Germany, France, Sweden and other European countries. In France, Ferrero products were also recalled after 21 cases of infection, as announced by the health authorities in Paris.

All made in the same factory

The UK recall affects a lot with a better date before between 11 July and 7 October 2022, all made in the same factory. According to official information, this indicates that the weight of eggs is 20 grams, or three packages of this size. Customers are advised not to eat surprise eggs with these properties. However, other Ferrero products should not be affected. British health authorities are investigating the effects.

As declared by the French health authorities, salmonella itself is genetically responsible for the outbreak of salmonella diseases in Great Britain and Ireland. Affected children’s chocolate products are all manufactured in a factory in Arlon, Belgium. According to French information, the Belgian food authorities are investigating in this regard.