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Reception in Lower Saxony: The Bundeswehr has returned from the Sudan Delegation

Reception in Lower Saxony: The Bundeswehr has returned from the Sudan Delegation

As of 04/28/2023 6:22 PM

The Bundeswehr has transported more than 700 people from besieged Sudan – and now the emergency services are back in Germany. They were received in Lower Saxony by Foreign Minister Berbock and Defense Minister Pistorius.

They took part in the ten-day bailout from embattled Sudan, and are now back in Germany: Foreign Minister Annalina Berbock and Defense Minister Boris Pistorius received nearly 400 members of the Bundeswehr in Wunstorf, Lower Saxony.

The soldiers of the “main force” of the evacuation group – on board four A400M transport planes – came from Jordan, where the Bundeswehr organized the evacuation of foreigners from Sudan.

Pistorius: Responsibility met

“They have saved more than 700 lives,” Barbock said as he greeted him. “We are all relieved that everyone has returned safely.” She thanked those involved “for saving human lives with their courageous and professional commitment.”

Pistorius said the mission was “a complete success in all respects”. Addressing the soldiers, Pistorius said, “You have all done great things for ten days.” “They were ready when it mattered. The Bundeswehr has fulfilled its responsibility.”

According to Berbock, there are now only “very, very few” Germans in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. For those there is an opportunity to be flown in by other countries if they want to leave the country, the Greens politician said. In addition to the two ministers, several members of the Bundestag also participated in the mission appreciation.

Scholz: “Outstanding Performance”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed his thanks in writing: Since the end of last week, the Bundeswehr has “evacuated German citizens and members of our partner countries by air from Sudan on a difficult and dangerous mission,” according to a statement. “I would like to express my great appreciation to all participants for this outstanding achievement and their firm commitment to the security of the citizens of our country,” the Social Democratic Party politician wrote. “Our international partners are also full of thanks and praise for their commitment.”

From Sunday to Wednesday, the Bundeswehr, in cooperation with the German Foreign Ministry and the Federal Police, transported more than 700 people from more than 40 countries out of Sudan. Among them were more than 200 Germans. The point of deployment was a military airfield near Khartoum. At times, about 1,000 soldiers worked on the evacuation mission, about 150 of them in Sudan. A bloody power struggle rages on in the African country between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. Despite the cease-fire, battles are repeated, especially in the capital, Khartoum.