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Record number of green electricity in the first three months of 2024

Record number of green electricity in the first three months of 2024

With “87% of public electricity supply renewable in the first quarter,” Austria is “fully on track to meet its climate targets,” according to the Energy Ministry.

In the winter months, it was always popular… Gas power plants In the Full operation It had to be powered up to be able to cover the electricity demand.

It looks like 2024 will be different. Figures released by the Association of European Transport System Operators (ENTSO-E) for the first quarter of 2024 show: Solar, wind and hydropower generated 86.5 percent of the net public electricity supply in Austria. In previous years the share was in the same period as in the same period Between 50 and 60 percentsays happily from the Department of Energy.

However, this may also be a comparative matter Warm first quarter to lie, Snow melting It started very early and thus enhanced hydroelectric power, but there was also Lots of wind energy – And Long hours of sunshine.

Specifically: it can have as much electricity as possible The river's water flow has a capacity of 7,336 gigawatts per hour Or 48.1% of net public electricity generation (33.8% first quarter 2023). also Wind energy generated 3,224 gigawatts per hour By 25 percent (first quarter 2023: 2,573 gigawatt-hours). a class Photovoltaic cells In net public electricity generation Up to four times (730 GWh Q1 2024, 177 GWh Q1 2023).

Climate Protection Minister Leonor Gevsler In any case, he is happy with the data on electricity generation: “In 2021, we decided on a 100 percent green electricity target for the first time. The day is at hand. This is exactly what the green electricity numbers in the first quarter prove. Green electricity instead of Russian natural gas – we will succeed in this transition by 2030. This is a good thing because our cheap domestic energy makes us independent, enhances industrial location and creates additional jobs.

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All data can be found under this link (ENTSO-E)