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Recording from space: Researchers capture 'alien radio circuit'.

Recording from space: Researchers capture ‘alien radio circuit’.

Watch the video: “Odd Radio Circle” – new photos showing a fascinating phenomenon in space.

Mysterious images from space:

Astronomer Jordan Collier captured the so-called “single radio circuit”.

This is sixteen times larger than the Milky Way.

In 2019, an international research team discovered such a circuit in space for the first time.

People often want to explain their observations and show that they agree with the best information we have. For me, it is even more exciting to discover something new that challenges our current understanding. Jordan Collier, Interuniversity Institute for Data-Intensive Astronomy

Since then, only five individual radio circuits have been found in space.

Usually, astronomers observe space using infrared or X-ray telescopes. But researchers have not identified so-called individual radio circuits (ORCs).

The image was created by researcher Jordan Colliert using the MeerKAT radio telescope, which depicts the phenomenon.

It is the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the Southern Hemisphere: 64 individual antennas, each 13.5 meters in diameter, examine radiation bursts in space with great precision.

Researchers still have no explanation for the origin of radio circuits.

But there are assumptions:

Globular rings could be the result of a large explosion at the center of a galaxy.

However, the rings can also be created as a shock wave during star formation.

“We know that strange radio circuits are rings of faint radio emissions that surround a galaxy with a hyperactive black hole at its center, but we don’t yet know what causes them or why they happen so rarely.” Ray Norris, Western Sydney University

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So it remains exciting to see when such a wireless circuit can be captured next – and what exactly it involves in making an appearance.