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Red Bull is turning the tables now!

Red Bull is turning the tables now!

11:25 AM

Wolff vs. Horner: “Does it bother us?”

The supposedly flexible wings were also briefly discussed yesterday after the race in the “Sky” interview with Toto Wolff and Christian Horner among the British colleagues. Asked about the Mercedes front wing, the Red Bull team boss said his rival expects the coach to return “in a few weeks”.

Wolff, who was already bored with the topic, as he scored before the French race, joked with his former driver Nico Rosberg, who was a Sky expert at the weekend who was also present at the interview: “Are you bothering us on each other? We paid you.” well for many years!”

The Austrian does not want to say more about the case. “We’ll give Toto a little gray hair by the end of the season,” Horner confirmed.

11:03 am

Flexiwings: Will the returning coach follow you now?

Were you really happy that “Flexiwings” was no longer a problem in France? Well, cheers up so early! The FIA ​​introduced tougher rear wing testing ahead of the Le Castellet Grand Prix after Mercedes accused Red Bull of interpreting regulations too generously.

Now a return coach can follow. Helmut Marko declared on “Sky” Marko over the weekend: “The FIA ​​is now on the whole thing. There is ample evidence that this [Mercedes-]The front wing is very bent.”

Red Bull made this argument after the Spanish Grand Prix, after Lewis Hamilton made the first hints about “flexible” rear wings on the RB16B. Marco even threatened a counter-protest in Azerbaijan.

It is now expected that there will be “the same reaction” as with the rear wing. Specifically: “One warning for two races, then you have more control.”

10:53 AM

Notes: Who are the best drivers in France?

Who do you think did a good job yesterday? Who is completely down? You can rate the performance of all 20 pilots with a score from 1 to 6 until early in the afternoon!

The editorial team was already debating what grades to give this time around. But I won’t reveal the result yet, you have to be patient for a while longer 😉

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– Submit scores now!

10:49 AM

“Last Night” in the video: From 7pm on Youtube!

Today, the Austrian men’s national team will play Ukraine in the European Football Championship at 6 pm – and it’s all about. Why is this the topic now? Because Christian Niemervall will keep his fingers crossed for his fellow countrymen today.

It also means that the ‘Last Night’ video was prerecorded this time and From 7 pm on our YouTube channel will see! As usual, my columnists would self-discuss and explain who the other person would have chosen and who this time would have let him sleep well or badly. take a look!

Planned topics for today:
– Sleeps better: Seidl
– Bottas: “Why the hell is no one listening to me?”
Undercut: This is how Verstappen was determined against Hamilton
– Verstappen Racing Explained: Track Limits and Pit Radio
– Perez: Number 2 is the best?
– Slept worse: Leclerc
Aston Martin: A sharp statement from the team boss
Flexiwings: Something else is coming!

10:36 AM

Who slept badly last night?

It is not known if Toto Wolff slept poorly last night due to these possibilities. We also don’t know if Charles Leclerc slept poorly after what was probably the “toughest race” of his still young F1 career (16th place).

Our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervall wrote several reasons for this in his classic Monday column today.

On the other hand, my colleague Stephen Ellen thought of who slept yesterday particularly satisfied. And he’s found a candidate who might surprise at first sight.

to columns:

Who slept worse last night?

Who slept better last night

10:25 AM

Wolff on Austria: ‘Make me no illusions’

What does this starting position mean for Mercedes at Spielberg? “I have no illusions,” Toto Wolff replied yesterday in his German media panel. Because: With the current package that Red Bull has with chassis and engine, the championship leaders will be hard to break.

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In the race, W12 is usually a little stronger than qualifying, the team boss knows. But: “The advantage we had over the strait, we no longer have it.” And if you look at the layout of the Red Bull Circuit, you will see that there are three long gorges in Spielberg.

Engine power plays an important role, especially after 1 lift up the hill. “This is the only chance you have. Or respectively, you have to be faster, and we’re not right now,” said Wolf.

In addition, in his view, Mercedes will not be “entirely happy” in the “tight” corners 3 and 5.

10:14 am

Honda: an improvement

What does Honda say about Red Bull’s strong performance in France? My Japanese colleague Ken Tanaka sent us data from Honda Technical Director Toyoharu Tanabe. He is pleased and talks about a “satisfactory result for Honda”.

Tanabe says the whole team is under a lot of pressure, at the same time you were able to draw on your strengths working with the first team and you didn’t make any mistakes. He also emphasizes: “The power unit is always the same, but we’re learning how we can better manage power, for example.” These small daily steps would eventually lead to improvement.

Honda will meticulously prepare for two races in Austria in order to deliver two good weekends in a row. “In Austria, Honda won 2019 with Red Bull for the first time,” notes Tanabe. Good memories motivate his team, too.

09:55 am

Horner: “I don’t know what he’s referring to”

Red Bull boss Christian Horner also confirmed on his media tour yesterday that Honda has not been allowed to make progress. “I don’t know what you’re referring to. These are the same specifications as the first power unit.”

What helped: The narrower rear wing. “That’s why our performance on the straights was so strong, but I also think Honda is doing a great job.”

9:54 AM

Wolff: Honda Motor Made ‘Giant Step’

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also noted in his analysis that Red Bull, along with Honda, have taken a “giant step forward” with the introduction of the second power unit. However, regulations do not allow for greater leaps in development.

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How do you understand the Austrian’s statements? “You can do that if you increase the durability, you can probably get more performance, even though you have roughly the same hardware. They obviously made a big leap, bigger than we did.”

You can see it on the fjords at Le Castellet. There is no bypass at the moment.

09:47 AM

Honda engine ‘completely on par with Mercedes’

We start today’s trading day with the World Cup duel. Because yesterday at the French Grand Prix Red Bull beat rivals Mercedes on a “normal” racetrack. The Bulls broke the Silver Arrows’ dominance at Le Castellet and claimed their third consecutive win of the season. A review of strength.

What was noted: “This is the first time Mercedes has really struggled on the strait, we don’t really know that,” Nico Rosberg said yesterday as a Sky expert. Red Bull has received a new engine for Verstappen, Perez and Gasly from Honda in France as planned.

“So the Honda engine should be good now, and there are rumors that it is on par with Mercedes,” said the 2016 world champion.

09:34 am


After the race before the race! With this slogan, we begin the second week of the trilogy today. Welcome to the Formula 1 live ticker on Monday. Maria Rayer can welcome you again today.

We’ll take a look at the knowledge that Red Bull and Mercedes have gained in France and what that means for the Austrian races.

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