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Red Bull Salzburg loses the final salute by a narrow margin!  - Hockey -

Red Bull Salzburg loses the final salute by a narrow margin! – Hockey –

The winner of the 15th Red Bulls Salute is called Mountfield HK. The Czechs beat EC Red Bull Salzburg 2-0 in an exciting final, with the second goal going in with an empty goal. At the all-sold Sportpark Kitzbühel, both teams put in a solid performance in a hard-earned final, in which both teams deserved to win.

Both teams went into the match without much scrutiny and quickly set a fast pace. Alternately, the first chances were quickly created, which mostly originated from a crowd in front of goal. In the tenth minute, Thomas Raffel began a short solo performance, but was able to finish it only with a backhand. The Salzburg captain suddenly had the next big chance in the 18th minute, standing free in the hole, but was unable to get past the good Czech goalkeeper Jan Rosica. In the very intense final phase of the first period, the Red Bulls (without the injured Dominic Heinrich, Troy Burke and the specially banned Tyler Livington) came under pressure, but it wasn’t enough to score the first goal.

The intensity was maintained after the break, it was ups and downs, relentless duels over and over. The Czechs scored their first goal in the 29th minute, and Nikita Serbak made his way to the left flank and beat strong Salzburg goalkeeper David Kickert. This only intensified the offensive efforts of the Red Bulls, who took the entire lead and failed to equalize several times. Only from the 34th minute the Czechs opened the match again, the duels became more difficult and sometimes turned into violent clashes. After a very impressive final stage and a really strong but unsuccessful match in Salzburg, the Czechs advanced 1-0 to the dressing room after two-thirds.

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And out again with momentum on their side, David Kickert had his hands full in the early minutes of the final third. Then the Red Bull team returned to the offensive action, but they continued to occupy more in their area. Mountfield constantly played attack mode and cleverly grabbed the disc. But in the 53rd minute, the Red Bulls suddenly had a good chance to equalize after a rebounding counterattack, and Mountfield was lucky to block the goal. In the 55th minute, Red Bull outnumbered them again and created a few dangerous moments. There was a lot of hustle and bustle in front of goal, but the discus didn’t want to get in. Then the Czechs set the last point with a goalless goal shortly before the siren sounded, thus also ensuring the championship win. Red Bull finished the tournament in second place but overall they made a very strong impression in the tournament.

Salzburg coach Matt McElphan:
“It was really tight. We were the better team for two thirds. But their goalkeeper was great today and in the last third it was clear they were in charge. But when you see the quality of our opponents today – Mountfield is one of the best European teams – I’m still impressed with our fighting spirit. We played a good game.” .

Greetings from Red Bull 2022
Mountfield Hong Kong 2-0 EC Red Bull Salzburg (0-0, 1-0, 1-0)
1: 0 | 28:29 | Nikita Serbak
2: 0 | 59:42 | Jeremy Blaine | EN

Red Bull salute | Schedule and results
Saturday, 08/13/22 | HF 1: Red Bull Munich – Mountfield HK | 1:7 (0:4, 1:0, 0:3)
Saturday, 08/13/22 | HF 2: EC Red Bull Salzburg – EV Zug | 5:3 (3:1, 0:1, 2:1)
Sunday, 14/8/22 | Small Final: EV Zug – Red Bull Munich | 5:4 (4:0, 1:3, 0:1)
Sunday, 14/8/22 | Final: Mountfield HK – EC Red Bull Salzburg | 2-0 (0-0, 1-0, 1-0)

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Tournament Final Result
1. Mountfield Hong Kong
2. EC Red Bull Salzburg
3. EV train
4. Red Bull Munich