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Red Bull Salzburg qualified for the Austrian FA Cup Final

Red Bull Salzburg qualified for the Austrian FA Cup Final

Wolfsberger FC missed the big sensation in the Austrian FA Cup semi-final. Carinthians took a long lead against Austrian champions Red Bull Salzburg on Wednesday and failed only on penalties.

Before kick-off, few experts thought WAC had a real chance. That changed after just two minutes: Matthews Taverner fired the ball past Salzburg on the bottom right after a superb prep by Michael Lendl.

Anyone who expected a deluge of attacks from the Champions League last 16 in the following minutes was disappointed: Salzburg had no major chances to score in the first half. The Wolfsbergers acted poisonously in pressure and applied even more pressure.

In the second round, elevens increased in intensity for Matthias Jaissle, but crucial solutions to break the WAC block are not currently found. But after 77 minutes, the bell rang: Joker Benjamin Sisko scored a 1-1 equalizer relatively late in the turn, which is well worth watching. This also went into overtime.

There Cisco saw the red in the 117th minute because of his high foot – a tough decision, but the VAR is justified. But it was too late to have a lasting effect on overtime – there were no more goals in the 30th minute, which led to a penalty shootout.

Dutt: “Better 0:4 than losing like this”

There, Red Bull Salzburg found the best finish – because attacking player Christopher Wernitzneg failed early on the point. “It’s the Cup, I’ve known it since playing days, and now I was able to try it out as a coach for the first time, it was a typical cup evening. We were ready for it to go like this, it was tough – the fight fought until the last minute. We won happily on penalties,” Geisel analyzed the match. After the final whistle.

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Wydad coach Robin Dutt was very disappointed. “If we had wished, we would have preferred to lose the match 4-0 after 90 minutes. So we felt a bit bitter,” said the German. “We started well with very strong pressure, after winning the ball we played very well in positioning, and also played towards the goal. Penalties are always a matter of luck, the penalty was decisive,” Dutt said.

In the final, Red Bull Salzburg now meet SV Red, who knocked out Tassi at Hartburg in the semi-finals at the beginning of March. The final will take place on May 1st at 5:00pm at Wörthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt.