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Red Dead Redemption: PC version still on the way after so many years?

Red Dead Redemption: PC version still on the way after so many years?

The first Red Dead Redemption game could still move to PC; The corresponding indicators seem to be accumulating.

Rockstar Games may still have a visionary vision and eventually bring the absolute top results from its ranks to PC. This of course means Red Dead Redemption, which was originally released many years ago in 2010 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was implemented on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later, but there is still no trace of a PC version of the Western classic.

However, this may change soon, as it looks like Rockstar Games is already gearing up to release an app for PC. This is suggested by the new update of the internal Rockstar Launcher, which has been expanded to include the corresponding lines of text.

As noted by popular Rockstar community member Tez2, the following line of text has been added to the launcher: 'RDR_ProductPromotion_Intro_Body: Journey through the sprawling expanses of the American West and Mexico in Red Dead Redemption, and its terrifying zombie companion Undead Nightmare', can now be played on PC RDR_ProductPromotion_LongTitle: 'Experience the epic Western adventures that defined a generation.'

Conclusion: The PC version of Red Dead Redemption could be released very soon and should make the hearts of fans of the Western franchise beat faster on PC, as at least Red Dead Redemption 2 can already be played there.

According to Tez2, the new lines of text are marketing strings that have already been used similarly to promote GTA 5. Rockstar fans on PC will also be given gaming fodder to shorten the wait time until GTA 6 releases next year 2025. The official announcement from RDR for PC is still underway Pending.

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Red Dead Redemption – Release Trailer Launched on Switch

On the occasion of the launch of Red Dead Redemption on Switch, here is the launch trailer.