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Redfall has a future and could become the next ‘No Man’s Sky’.

Redfall has a future and could become the next ‘No Man’s Sky’.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines shares his insights into how Redfall is progressing and why it ultimately wants it to be a great game.


Bethesda has released two major games this year: Redfall and Starfield (official release on September 6th). And although Redfall is off to a bad start and doesn’t currently have any players, it’s still a focus at Bethesda. After all, it was released through Xbox Game Pass, and that service doesn’t offer as many live-service games as Microsoft might like. Bethesda is now Microsoft’s first-party studio, which means Redfall could get a similar opportunity No man’s sky to grow and thrive. Heinz Housepublishing director Bethesdahe confirmed exactly that in a recent interview.

In an in-depth interview with Heinz mostly talked about Starfield, but he was also followed up on red case Requested. His response to the game’s bumpy beginnings was:

“We’re the same company that launched products that didn’t go as well as we wanted, and we don’t give up or give up just because it didn’t start right.”

He noted that Bethesda has experience adapting games like The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 to meet fan expectations.

Redfall hasn’t been written off yet!

It makes perfect sense to continue to support Redfall as the game will be available on PC/Xbox Game Pass for much longer.

“Well, we didn’t get the start we wanted, but it’s still a fun game… and we’ll keep working on it.” Heinz House from Bethesda far. “We’ll be 60fps [Frames/Sekunde] to reach. We’re going to make a great game out of it because we know that as a first-party studio, Game Pass is here to stay. Ten years from now, people will still be there.”

What will Bethesda do? Well, Redfall was originally conceived as a multiplayer game with content planned for post-launch. So it may happen that Microsoft give away more content. If you believe in it. At least with Halo Infinite it should work (partially). Obviously, Microsoft’s live service games aren’t up and running yet. Other publishers are also struggling here, like Square Enix or EA (The Avengers or Anthem).

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PlayStation not only acquired shares in Epic Games (Fortnite), but also Destiny developer and publisher Bungie in order to better position itself in this (lucrative) field in the future. So far, Microsoft has not made any specific statements about the future of Redfall.

red case Available for Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S.