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Rediscover the cult console |

Rediscover the cult console |

It was the first cult console and brought Space Invaders and Pac-Man into living rooms. Hyperkin’s Retron 77 brings the world of the legendary Atari VCS 2600 to today’s users.

Long before Nintendo or Sega, Atari revolutionized the still young world of game consoles in 1977. The concept, which was novel at the time, was that instead of permanently installed games like Pong, it used a console that Later called Atari 2600 replaceable add-on cards (cartridges). Another recipe for success from Atari: bringing popular arcade games like Space Invaders or Pac-Man to consoles and living rooms. Not least because of these classics, the Atari 2600 still has a loyal fan base.

With Retron 77, Hyperkin offers an easy way to relive the magic of yesteryear. The box, which costs just over 100 euros, can bring all Atari 2600 games back to life in two ways. On the one hand, it has a slot for the original cartridges. The option to play games like ROMS from the internal micro SD card might be more interesting for many. ROMS can be downloaded from websites such as With the Retron 77, all Atari 2600 games from that time are likely to be freely available, as well as “homebrew” games still programmed by the Atari fan community today.

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