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Regional League Two East – The Federation's decision leaves Stockero frothing at the mouth

Regional League Two East – The Federation's decision leaves Stockero frothing at the mouth

In fact, the final match of the season against fifth-placed Bronn was supposed to be a 'showcase' and end to the season – but now it's all about the sausages against SV Stockerau. The majority of the members of the sports department agreed in the video conference that besides the champion Admira II, only the runner-up would be allowed to advance.

By now, Stockero had assumed that they had practically 'qualified' because their table neighbors SC Wolkersdorf (two points behind the Ogris) had long ago announced that they would not be promoted.

Which can reshuffle the cards

Now, however, there is an unexpected “pepper” again: if Stockero loses to Brünn and Volkersdorf wins on Sunday in Langenlebarn, there will be only one team promoted from the second regional league east to the top division in Lower Austria (and one more ). LL East relegated team). What it means for the First Regional League: Two relegated teams will be saved instead of three, i.e. Heitzendorf (or Köttingbrunn, if they get past the Kamptalers).

However, one point will be enough for Stockero to qualify as he leads the head-to-head with Volkersdorf (2:0, 1:2).

Unwanted Langenlebarn surprise package

We have to shudder at the decision of SV Donau Langenlebarn. Sporting director Guenter Flieberger had already warned of “unpleasant surprises” at the weekend. “But we have it in our hands, and that's the advantage. If we beat Volkersdorf at home we will qualify, and that's what we're aiming for,” says the Langenlebarn resident, who is now calling for the Volkersdorf match to be moved to Friday – so these calculations are a waste of time, so that the match can be played At the same time as the Stockeraw match…

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More about the situation in Langenlebarn

There is no good Oktoberfest

The decision to grant promotion only to those finishing second in the table was by no means uncontested. Robert Roszak, the de facto head of the athletic department, was absent from the athletic department's video vote for scheduling reasons.

“My opinion was very clear – and I personally support it – that the third person would have the right to a promotion if the second person gave up the promotion,” Roszak said. “But if my colleagues see it differently, I have to accept it.”

Perhaps this also applies to the Stockerauers, who will at least have to draw in order to realize their dream of promotion.