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Reinhard Nowak had a romantic surprise for his wife during his birthday party

Reinhard Nowak had a romantic surprise for his wife during his birthday party

The cabaret artist and actor celebrated his 60th birthday at the Marchfelderhof – with a surprise.

“Thank God Grossmann (note: Peter Grossmann, head of the Marchfelderhof) only put 60 candles on the cake. I wouldn't have lit another 100,” the cabaret artist and actor laughed. Reinhard Nowakafter blowing out the candles on a nougat cake consisting of three layers of strawberries, chocolate and walnuts.

Because Nowak had several reasons to celebrate at the Marchfelderhof. On the one hand, there is of course the 60th birthday and then also the 40th anniversary of the stage.

Pictures from a birthday party

The musician had a special gift Roman Gregory In the luggage.

“Reinhard asked me a few weeks ago if I could sing a song for his birthday, but not exactly Alkbottle's biggest hit, called 'Geh scheissn' (note: Alkbottle celebrated its return on Wednesday). And I unfortunately couldn't.” But I responded to that in the text and changed the text to “Gifts” to suit the occasion.”

Speaking of gifts – the man celebrating his birthday had something very special for his wife Arezo imagine. Since Arzu comes from Turkey, he rehearsed the chorus of “But You Only Exist Once for Me” in Turkish.

He sang it at the wedding in 2005, but without video evidence because the camera battery was dead.

“Now I have the opportunity to sing this song to my wife again in front of many cameras,” Nowak said.

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