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Report: Nuclear power plant operator vs. Robert Habeck: 'We can't leave her alone'

Report: Nuclear power plant operator vs. Robert Habeck: 'We can't leave her alone'

Robert Habeck said last week that everyone had agreed to close the nuclear power plant, including the operators. But now they contradict it. The facts are presented in a “largely abbreviated manner.”

According to the Bild report, operators are now contradicting this statement. The newspaper contains an internal letter from Preussenelektra to its employees. In it, the administration asserted that Habeck presented the facts in a “largely abbreviated manner” and that important arguments for the feasibility of continuing the operation were ignored.

“Available for exam at any time”

The impression was created that the operators had closed their minds to continuing the operation. “We cannot allow this to stand,” the letter reads. “We as PreussenElektra have always shown that we are open to examining and implementing ongoing operations and have made this clear wherever possible.”

According to the “Bild” report, the operator “EON” also contradicts Habeck's statements. “We made clear throughout the discussion that we could technically and logistically enable the power plant to continue operating if the federal government wanted to,” the newspaper reported.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs sees things differently. A Bild spokeswoman said: “At the end of February and the beginning of March 2022, the statement from EnBW, E.ON and RWE was that the operation of the line would not bring any additional amounts of electricity.” It was not possible to continue the operation without interruption.

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