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Reports: new evidence of Marsalek’s stay in Moscow

According to information from the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (“SZ”) and the independent Russian investigative platform “Dossier Center”, former Wirecard board member Jan Marsalić, who has been in hiding for two years, can live in Moscow under the protection of Russian intelligence. As reported by “SZ” today, this must be proven, among other things, by a Russian passport with a photo of Marsalik and other information – including even photos.

The presence of the Austrian citizen in Russia has long been suspected, and there have already been several media reports. Accordingly, the director, who is said to have maintained close relations with the Russian intelligence services for a long time, managed to escape by plane to Belarus, closely allied with Russia, during the gradually unfolding bankruptcy of Wirecard. There are no official confirmations.

It’s called “German Bazhenov.”

According to the “S.Z” website, earlier this year, “File Center” researchers received information from a Russian source about a Russian passport bearing the name “German Bazhenov”, allegedly used by Marsalik in Moscow. After the passport photo, more and more tips and information came.

For example, Marsalik is said to like to go to a well-known luxury restaurant in Moscow, with his car accompanied by an off-road vehicle with suspected guards from the KGB. In addition, there were other indications from Russian sources – for example about alleged Moscow residential addresses. There are even photos that are supposed to show Marsalek in Moscow.

At the same time, Süddeutsche noted that it is not possible to verify the authenticity of a passport photo, for example. It is therefore entirely possible that this deliberately false information is being disseminated which only obscures the whereabouts of Marsalek.

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Chasing since 2020

Marsalek was on the board of financial service provider Wirecard, which slid into bankruptcy under dizzying circumstances at the end of June 2020. The group’s top floor, previously listed at DAX, is said to have booked billions in bogus transactions over the years. Former CEO Marcus Brown is in custody, and Marsalek has disappeared at the time. Internationally wanted since June 22, 2020 for fraud in billions of dollars.