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Research group optimistic: Dinosaurs still live here  Life and knowledge

Research group optimistic: Dinosaurs still live here Life and knowledge

Let’s get a real one someday soon T-Rex To confront?

A new study claims so Dinosaurs might have existed, just on a different planet.

Those far from Earth The planets could host species similar to dinosaurs on Earth. And: We humans might be able to find them. This appears from a new study published in the British journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

This is how you will find dinosaurs

According to the study, researchers can discover such life by searching for chemical compounds that do not exist on our planet today but were present in the time of the dinosaurs.

This is because the Earth had about 30 percent more oxygen during the time of the dinosaurs. Complex creatures were able to grow in this atmosphere. Today, the oxygen content in the Earth has stabilized at 21 percent.

Special telescopes

Researchers say that if a similar high percentage of oxygen is found on another planet, this could be an indication of the type of life. Using special telescopes, you can see conditions similar to those that dinosaurs found here millions of years ago.

One clue scientists can look for is whether the planet is in the “Phanerozoic stage.” This has been around on Earth for about 550 million years.

Lots of new species

In the Phanerozoic era, large numbers of new species appeared on Earth. “Life was more complex than microbes and sponges,” Cornell University scientist Rebecca Payne told the English newspaper The Sun. “This gives us hope that it might be a little easier to find signs of life — even large, complex life — elsewhere in the universe.”

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According to Kaltenegger, searching for planets with higher oxygen levels could lead to the discovery of interesting life forms while facilitating research.