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Researchers baffle about newly discovered celestial bodies

Researchers baffle about newly discovered celestial bodies

Space explorer Henri Hsieh makes a very special discovery. The Briton encounters a celestial body that is a cross between an asteroid and a comet.

The basics in brief

  • British researchers discovered a special celestial body.
  • The intersection between an asteroid and a comet is new.

British researcher Henry Hsieh was astonished when he looked up at the sky. There he and his team from the Planetary Science Institute discovered a previously unknown celestial body.

the rock She is a mixture the end asteroid And the culprit. This is what the researchers wrote in their report in the Astrophysical Journal Letter. The hybrid characteristics of the orb are unique.

Henry Hsieh explains: “It fits the physical definition of a comet because it is likely to be icy and expel dust into space. Although it also has an asteroid orbit.”

in a asteroiden are small astronomical objects. They are larger than meteorites, but smaller than dwarf planets. circle of rocky bodies in Kepler orbits around the sun.

In the asteroid belt

In the case of comets, one also talks about tail stars. The gases that they emit on their way create imagination Let’s go or a glowing tail.

Newly discovered osteomites show parts of celestial bodies. there was asteroid belt Discovered in our solar system. Name it: «(248370) 2005 QN137».

Do you sometimes look up at the sky to discover new things?

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