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Researchers look at the sky – this view greatly worries them

Researchers look at the sky – this view greatly worries them

The endless expanse of the starry sky amazes not only ordinary citizens. Researchers in particular try to unlock the secrets of the galaxy every day. And sometimes you discover something disturbing.

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There are always celestial bodies that simply disappear and no longer shine for us on Earth. Researchers are confused about the reasons. How can stars simply disappear? Is there a greater power behind this?

Researchers are mystifying about the planets that have disappeared

The phenomenon of the disappearance of celestial bodies has been known for a long time. As the Standard reported, on July 19, 1952, three stars that were close to each other went out in less than an hour. To this day, the background is unclear. We don't know if they are actually real stars or what really happened.

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This alone shows how difficult it is to explain some celestial phenomena, even with the advancement of technology. And there are more of them! Four years ago, researchers from Spain and Sweden began a project investigating disappearing stars.

Hundreds of thousands disappeared

With the help of this project, it has been proven that hundreds of thousands of celestial objects have simply disappeared over the past 70 years. In the vast majority of cases there are logical explanations that solve the puzzle. But for some, questions remain unanswered.

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Because of course a star is not lost that way. One possible explanation for this phenomenon is, for example, loss of radiative energy. There are various factors that can cause weak rays.

Researchers express a crazy theory

Another theory that sounds ridiculous but should not be dismissed is Dyson's field theory. In 1960, physicist Freeman Dyson developed the idea that technologically advanced civilizations could surround a star with a shell structure to maximize energy production. Do aliens cause the harm that some stars hide from our eyes?

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In some cases, neither can be confirmed. But what is clear is that space holds many mysteries that today's researchers cannot yet solve all of them.