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Researchers want to collect oxygen on Mars

Researchers want to collect oxygen on Mars

© National Technical University of Athens / University of Patras

In the soil of Mars, but also in the soil of the Moon hyperoxidesAnd the peroxides And the perchlorate Available. The latter substance in particular usually poses a danger to people’s health because it disrupts the function of the thyroid gland. A team of Greek scientists now wants to design a device material detection Could you. They also want to use the material to to produce oxygen and provide it to astronauts.

Experiment in the seventies

Such as prescribe esathe starting point for the research of Greek scientists was the experiment of the American Americans Vikings tentacles in 1976 executed. At that time a liquid was placed on the ground Reaction with the rock of Mars Effects. Among other things, this released a lot of oxygen.

This indicates the presence of hyperoxides, peroxides and perchlorates. “These reactive oxygen variants are caused by too much UV It is generated at the surface, specifically by cracked minerals that are broken by extreme temperatures and by micrometeorites,” explains Christos Georgiou of the Department of Biology at the University of Patras.

A model of a Viking lander on Mars

1.2 hectares for one person

Now you will start to build approximately big book detector Operates, which can easily detect the occurrence of hyperoxaluria. In addition, a special reactor must be constructed at regular intervals Harvesting oxygen from Mars soil Could you. It is estimated that the harvest of 1.2 hectares of land should be enough to keep one person alive. The oxygen supply in the harvested area is constantly replenished by ultraviolet radiation.

The method is tested on the ground, but this is not so easy. Martian soil and lunar-like soil exist, but they are free of harmful perchloride. So for the test you must have one for humans Toxic environment will be created.

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