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Response to Security Situation: Japan and US begin joint maneuvers

Response to Security Situation: Japan and US begin joint maneuvers

Status: 10.11.2022 12:39 pm

Japan and the US have launched a joint maneuver called Sharp Sword. The reason for this exercise is the security situation – increasingly powerful China and recent missile tests by North Korea.

Japan and the United States have launched a joint maneuver. The Sharp Sword exercise is scheduled to begin at an air base in southern Japan and run through November 19. Along with this maneuver, allies want to strengthen their operational readiness in view of the Chinese government’s growing assertiveness and North Korea’s renewed missile tests.

Other countries are included

According to the Japanese Defense Ministry, about 26,000 Japanese and 10,000 American soldiers and 20 ships and 370 aircraft from both sides are to take part in the exercise.

Australia, Great Britain and Canada will also be included in some areas of the maneuver. Joint field exercises, including amphibious landings, were planned on the islands of Tokunoshima, Amami and Sutarajima in southwestern Japan.

Option for early strike

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, citing the deteriorating security situation in the region, announced plans to significantly strengthen Japan’s military capabilities and allow pre-emptive strikes to strike enemy missile launch sites from afar.

These plans are expected to be incorporated into the revised National Security Strategy and Medium to Long Term Security Guidelines later this year.

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