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Return: Players complain about the storage system

Return: Players complain about the storage system

Players are currently complaining about the “Returnal” Housemarque work address storage system. As the developers emphasized, if you look at the feedback from the community, it remains to be seen to what extent this will lead to changes to the “bounced” storage system.

With Returnal, Housemarque’s indie and arcade professionals launched their latest projects a few days ago exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Even if “Returnal” is popular with players and critics, the title doesn’t escape without criticism. This relates above all to the “return” memory system, which guarantees your progress only if your heroine, for example, is blessing time or reaches certain milestones. Taking a look at gaming forums around the world and on social media offerings, not all “Returnal” players can get used to this gaming concept and are asking the developers at Housemarque to provide the remedy.

The thing is about lack of time

The main argument that was cited is that many users don’t have time to play for one to two hours at a time. In theory, it would of course be possible to put the PlayStation 5 to sleep and pause the game, because it is often unclear when the game can be restarted, but this is not an option for many players.

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Therefore, a review of the storage system is required, which takes into account the players’ limited time without having a negative effect on the “bouncing” rogue character. Housemarque’s responsible developers were already available for comment and confirmed that they had heard and analyzed the community’s comments.

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However, at the moment, there is nothing to be announced regarding the new storage system. If anything changes in this situation, you will of course find out from us right away.

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