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Right-wing nationalists are losing badly in the polls.

Right-wing nationalists are losing badly in the polls.

In new polls ahead of Sunday's crucial round of French parliamentary elections, the frontrunner is slipping behind Nationalist right-wing party led by Marine Le Pen Beyond that.

An Ipsos poll showed the National Rally and its allies would win only 175 to 205 seats in parliament. 289 seats would be needed for an absolute majority. A Harris Interactive poll showed the right-wing nationalists and their allies winning 185 to 215 seats.

the New Left Alliance According to the Ipsos poll, it comes in second place with 145 to 175 seats, followed by the presidential camp in third place with 118 to 148 seats. The moderate wing bourgeois conservative republicansand he is from Party leader Eric Ciotti It did not join the agreed cooperation with the National Front, and comes to 57 to 67 seats.

According to Harris Interactive, the left-wing coalition could win 168 to 198 seats, ahead of the government camp by 115 to 145 seats. According to this poll, moderate Republicans have 32 to 63 seats.

With these poll values ​​there would be at least a mathematical probability of a relative majority for a camp or coalition outside the National Rally. The Left Party and the presidential camp had ruled out forming a coalition before the elections.

However, according to Ipsos figures, cooperation between the middle camp will be possible. President Emmanuel Macron With the Socialists and the Greens. In an analysis, the institute rated the possibility of forming a government coalition as low.

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However, according to Harris Interactive data, it is also conceivable that the new left-wing coalition of the Greens, the Communists, the Socialists and the Left Party will overtake the National Front and become the strongest force in the National Assembly. However, the left-wing coalition will also be far from an absolute majority and a chance to govern undisturbed.

After the defeat of the centrist forces and the landslide victory of the right-wing nationalists in the European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron suddenly dissolved the National Assembly and announced new elections. It is not about his own position.