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Rockstar sues co-founder over GTA 1 videos

Rockstar sues co-founder over GTA 1 videos

rock games looks like he’s looking for GTA Video Being, especially an employee who used to work for a video game developer. As reported by VGC, Rockstar allegedly launched copyright infringements against two videos created by the original developer of Grand Theft Auto, Mike Daily (Co-founder of DMA Design)uploading has been done.

You play GTA and don’t know Mike Daily? Dailly is a video game designer from Scotland, best known for designing Lemmings and the original prototype for Grand Theft Auto. He is one of the four founders of DMA Design (now Rockstar North).

The former developer wrote on Twitter: “I see Rockstar reverting to complete dumber mode and releasing copyright infringements on every GTA video they can find – my two sample videos included.” “So now they’re trying to prevent anyone’s work from being released on a game – and old development materials.”

Daily posted several YouTube videos such as “GTA Top Down Prototype” from late 1994. There is also a GTA “First Rotating Isometric Prototype” showing what the first Grand Theft Auto could have looked like.

– Skepticalad August 21 2022

Rockstar Games Bad Ex-Employer?

A Twitter user named “Dave ‘Angy man/beard’ Swedishe” replied to Daily that he would “never work with R* again.” He talks about mass layoffs in the QA area, which he “survived” at first. However, he no longer did the job and moved to avalanche immediately after this procedure.

Another user named “ZedK | Owner of BeSocial Games” feels that “R’s work culture was spoiled at the time”. However, as he heard, the work culture at Rockstar Games is said to have changed. But he is not sure if this is true.

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Rockstar is currently working on the next Grand Theft Auto (maybe GTA 6). At least the publisher is sure of it GTA 6 will set new “creative standards”..

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