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Ronifaldo’s brace proves “three” against Amstetten – FC Blau-Weiss Linz

Ronifaldo’s brace proves “three” against Amstetten – FC Blau-Weiss Linz

The twentieth round of the Second Admiral League brought our team to a duel with SKU Amstetten. The guests from Mostviertel managed to get their first three in the spring thanks to a 1-0 win over FAC, so the coach of the eleven, Jochen Wallmann, also wanted to get something to count from Linz. St. Polten had succumbed in the battle for the title and the blue and whites had to get back to winning ways after a 1-1 draw against Lavnitz in order for them to keep up at the top of the table.

Coach Gerald Scheppelhner had to make changes due to an injury to Matthias Seidl and a yellow card suspension for captain Brandner. Among others, new signing Jan Hermann celebrated his first eleven appearances.

In an initial phase that was very intense on both sides, Linz had their first notable chance in the 11th minute with a Hermann volley – but Amstetten goalkeeper Scherf managed to avoid a collision. Then, at the 17th minute, our team got a cold shower. After a corner kick, the assignment was not correct and Starkl marked the lead 1: 0 for Amstetten with a header. My work in return but really compensation! However, Strauss was canceled due to an offside situation.

Amstetten then withdrew and left the field for our team. In the 20th minute, Ronifaldo failed to score. Linz pressed, but that gave the opponent space, and in the 26th minute it was goalkeeper Nicholas Schmid who saved us from conceding another goal after Limhofer’s shot.

Always Ronivaldo! The Brazilian created many chances – but he lacked precision. But in the 36th minute he was able to scream from his soul in frustration. After a wide cross from the right and Berkel brought down, he was there and scored a well deserved 1:1 equalizer. The blue and white remained on the trigger and wanted to add more before the break, but unfortunately another hit didn’t work and so I moved to the booths with a 1:1.

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Our head coach must have found just the right words. Linz returned to the court very focused and managed to put pressure on their opponents immediately. In the 58th minute, Scherf was able to block a long-range shot from the outstanding Krainz.

Mostfairtler was literally hanging on the ropes, but he was lurking in anticipation of counter-attacks and one of them almost came back in the 64th minute. After Leimhofer’s preparatory work, Holiday just missed it on Schmid.

The match was already in the last 20 minutes! The Royal Blues threw it all forward and it was rewarded. After a long throw from Mayulu, Amstetten could not get free and Ronivaldo caused ecstasy with a fine finish. The sold-out Hofmann Personal Stadium was upside down – Blau-Weiss Linz led 2-1.

The final stage was hectic! Amstetten once again put it all on one card and remained dangerous with Meyer as a substitute. But in the end, the three important points remained in Linz! Blue and White win the match over Amstetten 2: 1.