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ROUNDUP: Aurubis exceeds its own expectations | 10/28/21

Hamburg (dpa-AFX) – Copper group Aurubis (Aurubis (formerly Norddeutsche Affinerie)) finished the last financial year better than expected. Operating profit before tax in 2020/21 (through the end of September) rose from 221 million to 353 million euros, the company announced Thursday based on preliminary figures. So far, Aurubis has promised €270 to €330 million. The company is expected to receive the “best annual result in the world”.

Company history,” CEO Roland Harings commented on the numbers. Additionally, we are currently assuming that we will be able to build on this in the current fiscal year (…). “

But in the fourth quarter, the pre-tax operating result slipped slightly from 88 to 85 million euros. Orbis justified this with higher energy costs. On the other hand, more high refining fees for material recycling, higher metals revenues with sharp rise in metal prices, especially for nickel and tin, strong demand for copper products and higher demand for sulfuric acid at higher prices all had a positive effect. on profits.

Overall, profit before tax increased from €367 million to €826 million, of which €195 million was attributable to the fourth quarter. Aurubis plans to publish the final numbers on December 3. The stock rose more than 6 percent after the release. / people / hey

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