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ROUNDUP: Railroad drivers union fights in court to influence Bahn | 06/14/21

Frankfurt/Berlin (dpa-AFX) – The German Locomotive Drivers’ Union (GDL) is legally fighting for influence in the railway company. In many actions, the union attacks the conditions that result in some of its collective agreements not being enforced. However, the labor court in Frankfurt am Main has rejected three requests from the union, as it announced Monday upon request.

Railroads have documented which of the 300 or so companies the GDL represents the largest number of members and in which the Railroad and Transport Association is the largest (EVG). The union of train drivers can claim a majority only in 16 cases – in the other cases, the collective agreement of the EVG is applied according to the collective bargaining law. The railways have been implementing the law since this year.

GDL was not involved in the documentation process and, according to Deutsche Bahn, did not make member lists available. Therefore, “reasonable assumptions” were made about it. The union considers this unacceptable and takes legal action against the actions.

According to the company, GDL has initiated a total of 13 lawsuits against these findings. On Tuesday, the Berlin Labor Court will discuss an application by the union against the union of employers and companies for mobility and transport service providers, which concludes collective bargaining agreements for railways.

Railroads and the Union of Train Drivers have been in a wage dispute for months. Last week, the GDL declared the negotiations failed and announced an industrial strike./bf/DP/fba