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Rumor: Google Pixel 9 has AI Pixie exclusively

Rumor: Google Pixel 9 has AI Pixie exclusively

Google is said to be working on an AI assistant called Pixie that is exclusive to the Pixel 9. The digital assistant should offer contextual features based on user-generated data using various Google services. Accordingly, activities around Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Search and other programs can be performed from the development studio. So it looks like Google is working on creating an improved version of Assistant, similar to what Samsung is doing with Galaxy AI as an upgrade to Bixby. It could be a modified version of Google’s Gemini Nano AI model.

The Pixel 9 will likely come with Pixie, an AI assistant

The Pixel 9 may have Pixie AI
Google/Pocket Lint

Smartphone trends are pushing manufacturers into an arms race. But the focus currently is less on hardware than on software. Apple wants to make Siri smarter, and Samsung and Google are also working on improving artificial intelligence. during Pocket lint We reported from the information attentive. The technology-focused American business magazine received details about Google Pixie from two sources. This digital assistant will be found exclusively on the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro.

With AI similar to ChatGPT, the product will be significantly more powerful and flexible than Google Assistant. Pixie is linked to all Google services and therefore has access to all user data. The exact features are not yet known. As with Samsung, Google plans to position AI as a major selling point. That’s why AI must be finished as quickly as possible. The search engine company also wants to use Pixie in the next Pixel A and Pixel Watch. It is possible that the new assistant will be based on Gemini Nano.

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Does the new Google Glass come with artificial intelligence?

One of the report’s sources indicates that Google is considering another version of its smart glasses, Glass. Specification details are not yet available. However, this product should also focus on artificial intelligence. Glasses must be able to recognize objects and environments. It should be used as an instrument, for example to solve mathematical problems or play a musical instrument. Google Glass once failed, partly due to privacy concerns.

We have already reported in detail about the Google Gemini AI model.

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