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Rumors boil: Did Hirscher start in Kitzbühel?  Alpine skiing

Rumors boil: Did Hirscher start in Kitzbühel? Alpine skiing

Marcel Hirscher could be in the starting house in Kitzbühel. © APA / BARBARA GINDL / BARBARA GINDL

The next week, the Kitzbühel races entered the Ski World Cup programme. In the course of the Hahnenkamm races, an astonishing rumor spread.

Like Cronin Newspaper Reports have stated that Marcel Hirscher will be the rider for the slalom next Sunday. The eight-time World Cup winner, who ended his skating career in 2019, has ruled out a return to the World Cup several times in the past. But this is supposed to be a marketing story.

Hirscher wants to showcase its new ski brand “Van Deer” as a flagship in Ganslernhang. As it is known, Salzburger wants to be represented in the World Cup with his ski brand next season and also win races at some point.

Is Hirscher presenting its new ski brand as a pioneer? © APA / EXPA / JFK

Whatever the case, if this rumor, picked up by many in the media, is true, then surely Hirscher will make the show for the slalom stars in Kitzbühel this year. In any case, the benefit in its duration will be huge.


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