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Running for five years, 40 countries and 25,000 km: “Mütze” stop in Ländle – V+ –

Running for five years, 40 countries and 25,000 km: “Mütze” stop in Ländle – V+ –

Mütze has been touring Europe with his dog since May 2021. He has currently traveled 12,300 km and stops in Landel. VOL.AT caught up with Bonnet and talked about his extraordinary journey.

“Cap” is actually called Karsten. But why the “cover”? The name is a leftover from his apprenticeship. The 42-year-old was a bit cocky, and had absolutely no desire to use grease or grease in his hair. Therefore, you will only find it in the workshop with a hood. Thus the nickname “Cap” was born.

“I can walk too.”

As Mozzi explained in an interview, he got the idea when he developed what he calls a head problem. Before the trip, he tried many other things to get peace of mind, but nothing seemed to last. Eventually, he came across the story of Jean Beliveau, who walked around the world after suffering from severe mental health issues. Thus the idea was born and the “Mütze” project got to work. With the thought: “I can walk too.”

How is this trip funded?

Karsten finances his trip from the reserves, but also through local sponsors. In addition, when he tells his story to the locals, he usually gets what he calls a “tip”. That’s wide. Most of the time it is food or a place to sleep. Sometimes it’s a small financial donation. Normally, the 42-year-old helped out on the farms and was allowed to spend the night there. Here in Ländle he wanted to try something new and offered to work as a waiter in exchange for food and lodging. So he will spend the next ten days in Dornbirn at the Gasthof Schäfle.

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Take the ferry to Great Britain as a special challenge

When asked about the biggest challenge he’s faced so far, Karsten couldn’t tell a specific story. But one thing is for sure, it always depends on the situation and things can get pretty simple in one day. Then just a few hours later the next morning the same thing can be incredibly challenging for you, as he talks about, say, the ferry ride to Great Britain in an interview. Firstly, no dogs were allowed, and secondly, his ‘bike/trailer’ was very heavy at around 70kg. In the video, Karsten explains how he solved this problem.

The big goal is summer 2025, the Arctic Circle

It all started in Hamburg in May 2021, when Mütze set off for the Czech Republic. Then it went through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to France. From there take the ferry to England. After visiting Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, he continued on to Spain and Portugal. Karsten even managed to catch a glimpse of Africa near Gibraltar. Then the ferry continued to Ibiza and Barcelona, ​​all the way to Andorra. At an altitude of 2,408 metres, it was the highest pass that Mutze had driven so far. From there it moved on to Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and now Austria. As the 42-year-old explained in an interview, it’s not over yet. Because his journey continues – he has a big goal for summer 2025: the Arctic Circle.

Why make his trip public?

“For me, it was important first and foremost to fix my own head. I also wanted to use this journey to show people that there are ways out. There is no alternative. It always depends on you. How far I am willing to go” Go there, Go where it hurts, because it hurts to break the rope from the old life, but it was the right decision”, Mütze ends the interview.

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