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Russia: America has no information on nuclear weapons

Russia: America has no information on nuclear weapons

Russia has confirmed it will no longer share detailed information about its nuclear weapons with the US. Moscow has suspended all communications with Washington. This includes information about missile tests, Russian news agencies quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabko as saying. “There will be no announcements,” Ryabkov said. All forms are suspended – data exchange, all research activities and other agreements.

“Regardless of the possible position of the United States, all activities under the agreement are suspended and will not be implemented.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry initially said Moscow would continue to inform the United States about planned tests of its ballistic missiles.

However, Russia insisted that it would not fully withdraw from the treaty and would continue to abide by the agreed limits on nuclear weapons.

In 2010, the United States and Russia agreed to a nuclear disarmament treaty called “A New Beginning.” Today, Putin questions the deal and creates uncertainty.

02/21/2023 | 01:20 min

On Wednesday, the Russian military conducted exercises of its strategic missile forces in Siberia. The Mobile Yars missile launchers will maneuver in three regions of Siberia, the Defense Ministry said in Moscow. Among other things, measures will be implemented to hide rocket launchers from foreign secret services.

The ministry did not mention any possible plans for a test launch of the weapons, nor did it say anything about the duration of the maneuvers. ZARS is an ICBM with a nuclear warhead. It has a range of approximately 11,000 kilometers and forms the backbone of Russia’s strategic missile forces.

According to Christian Chem, Putin’s announcement that Belarus would deploy nuclear weapons was a direct reaction to London’s announcement that it would supply Ukraine with uranium munitions.

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03/25/2023 | 00:25 minutes

The Defense Department released a video showing large trucks carrying missiles leaving the base. According to reports, around 300 vehicles and 3,000 soldiers are involved in the operation in Eastern Siberia.

President Putin announced on Saturday that tactical nuclear weapons would be stationed in Belarus. Such weapons are intended for use on the battlefield and have a relatively short range. Long-range strategic missiles are more powerful and equipped with nuclear warheads capable of destroying entire cities.