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Russia and the United States are talking about security guarantees

According to a media report, Russia and the United States are in talks to discuss security guarantees for the Kremlin. Russia’s news agency RIA Novosti said on Tuesday that the two sides were likely to reach an agreement, citing diplomat Konstantin Gavrilo, head of the Russian delegation, on disarmament talks in Vienna.

Russia has yet to decide what action to take if US-dominated NATO refuses to reconsider its position, citing Gavrilov’s appearance on a YouTube broadcast of a Kremlin-affiliated campaigner, RIA Novosti said. The diplomat stressed that the Western military alliance knew that Russia was not elusive.

In Vienna, international diplomats will listen carefully to Russia and informally declare that Russia’s position is well understood, he said. “In general, however, these Euro-Atlantic conditions are underlined, no matter what facts we mention, but some delegates quietly clap under the table,” said Gavrilov, who is currently on Christmas holiday in Russia. .

Russia is demanding a guarantee that NATO will not expand further east, will not accept Ukraine as a member if Ukraine wishes, and that no troops or weapons will be stationed there. Ukraine has been trying to become a member of NATO for some time. The country has already received US military assistance in the conflict with neighboring Russia. The Russian leadership argues that NATO’s expansion to the east threatens Russia and contradicts the promises made by NATO during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. According to NATO, their own actions are purely defensive and help prevent Russia’s new occupation. The government in Kiev fears an attack by the Russian military, which, according to Ukrainian sources, has mobilized about 100,000 troops to prepare for them near the border.

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