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Russia announces its next arrest in eastern Ukraine

Russia announces its next arrest in eastern Ukraine

Russia says its invading forces continue to advance into eastern Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced today that the armed forces took control of the town of Semenivka in the Ukrainian Donetsk region. The day before, Russia had already announced the seizure of the town of Novopakhmutivka.

Before new Western arms shipments arrive, Russia is trying to increase pressure and gain territory – and has partially succeeded. Ukrainian defenders in the east of the country face increasing problems against Russian attackers. “The situation on the front has worsened,” Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr Sirsky wrote on Facebook.

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Dead and wounded in the attack on Odessa

Meanwhile, at least four people were killed in a Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Odessa. As Odessa Governor Oleh Kiper announced on Telegram, eight more people were infected with varying degrees of severity, including a twelve-year-old boy.

A local authority employee said that residential buildings and civilian infrastructure were bombed. Shortly before the collision, the Ukrainian Air Force warned of a ballistic missile attack. These are relatively difficult to intercept. The Russian statement is not yet available.

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