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Russia is marching north

Maxer’s satellite imagery shows that in recent years the Russian military has been heavily deployed in the Arctic.

Among the areas now being upgraded is the Northern Naval Base at Severomorsk, north of Mormonsk. It is 200 km from the Norwegian border.

Photos show that in the last four years, many sites in the northern part of Russia have been significantly expanded and updated. CNN.

Russia says development in the Arctic is purely an economic activity and that it protects the country’s economic interests.

BREAKING ICE: Russian nuclear submarines break the ice during a well-directed video from a military exercise in the winter of 2021. Video: Russian Ministry of Defense
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– Renewal

Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell in the U.S. military says CNN reports that the Russians are expanding significantly.

“Russia is refurbishing Soviet-era airports and radar installations, building ports and rescue centers, and building a fleet of nuclear-powered and other avalanches,” Campbell said.

REFS: US President Joe Biden criticized Russia at a news conference on Thursday night. Video: Abby
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– They also expand the network of air and coastal missile systems, thus strengthening the chances of others denying access to key parts of the Arctic, he says.

Pictures it Russian Defense He released the so-called “motorized infantry” from the Northern Naval Train in the Arctic with sharp ammunition. That is, soldiers with sniper rifles with real weapons do not train weapons.

– No threat

On Monday, Russian officials insisted that the country posed no threat to any other country. Then there was the question of transferring troops to the Ukrainian border.

“Russia poses no threat to any other country in the world, including Ukraine,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russia’s state news agency. Toss.

– The Russian military is moving through the Russian border as appropriate. It moves where it deems necessary, in a way that it considers necessary to ensure stability and security, Peskov says.

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BREAKING: A Russian nuclear submarine breaks the ice on March 26. Photo: Russian Armed Forces / AP / NTB
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– Radioactive tsunami

Among the weapons now being developed to operate in Arctic waters is the new Russian “Superweepon” 2M39 Poseidon. It is a nuclear-powered torpedo that is designed to run overboard to avoid various types of defenses located off the coast of other countries.

According to Russian state media, the torpedo could match nuclear weapons with multiple megatons of power.

US Secretary of State for International Security Christopher A. Ford had said before CNN The weapon was created to “flood American coastal cities with a radioactive tsunami”.

– Inhibitor

Vice Admiral Niles Andreas Stensens, head of the Norwegian intelligence service, says CNN was created to prevent nuclear weapons.

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– It’s now in a testing phase, but it’s a strategic weapons system, aimed at targets, and making an impact, he tells the U.S. television channel that they are now outside the area testing it.

In response to Russian expansion in the Arctic, the United States has deployed several B-1 bombers and about 200 soldiers at Orland Airport outside Trondheim. These travel across the Barents Sea among other places.