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Russia loots tractors, manufacturers render them unusable via GPS

Russia loots tractors, manufacturers render them unusable via GPS

According to the US station CNN, Russia has brought expensive agricultural machinery to Chechnya. But there was also resistance from afar. Manufacturer “John Deere” is said to have remotely blocked some devices.

Like many American broadcaster businessmen CNN It stated that the Russian occupiers in the Ukrainian city of Melitopol looted all the materials from a dealer of agricultural equipment and transported them to Chechnya. But it seems that the Russians did not expect that the manufacturers of some of the machines would fail their plans – because the manufacturer “John Deere” blocked the machines remotely.

However, the removal of valuable agricultural equipment indicates an increasingly well-organized operation by Russia in the occupied area, in which Russian military transports are used for theft.

Machines and accessories removed

CNN reported that the device was stolen from an Agrotek store in Melitopol. Russian forces have occupied the city since early March. Thus, the total value of the devices is close to five million dollars (4.76 million euros). The harvesters alone are worth $300,000 each.

Some of the machines were taken to a nearby village, and another part was said to be taken to Chechnya, more than a thousand kilometers away. by GPS The transfer of machines can be tracked. “When the invaders pushed the stolen harvesting machines into Chechnya, they found they couldn’t even turn them on because the harvesters were remotely locked,” a caller told CNN. Attempts are now being made to circumvent protection with the help of Russian experts. The anonymous source was quoted as saying, “Even if they sell the harvesters for spare parts, they will still make some money.”

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