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Russia stops gas supplies to Finland

Russia stops gas supplies to Finland

The company also reported in Espoo on Saturday morning that deliveries had been halted. The statement said that Gazum will supply gas to customers from other sources via the Baltic Pipeline, which begins immediately and during the summer season. The network continues to operate normally. Previously, Russia also halted gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria because they do not pay in rubles.

Jasom and Gazprom had already announced on Friday that deliveries had been halted. The Finnish group had previously announced that it would not accept Gazprom Export’s demands for payment in rubles. The two companies also differ on other demands. The dispute must be resolved through legal channels.

“But we have carefully prepared for this situation, and if there are no disruptions in the gas network, we will be able to supply all of our customers with gas in the coming months,” said Jassum chief Mika Weljanen, according to the announcement. Friday. According to Finnish Radio, gas accounts for only about five percent of Finland’s energy mix. However, most of the gas comes from Russia. According to Gasum, it was currently the only energy company in Finland to get gas directly from Russia.

The new payment system ordered by the head of the Kremlin Putin requires customers to open an account with the Russian company Gazprombank. There they can still pay their bills in euros or dollars, and the bank transfers the money and transfers it to Gazprom.

According to the Russian leadership, about half of gas customers in the European Union have so far followed the new system, including in Germany.

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Relations between Russia and Finland are also strained because the neighbor now wants to join NATO, much to the chagrin of Moscow. Russia sees its security as threatened by the alliance’s northern expansion and has announced a reaction if the West builds a military infrastructure near the border. On the other hand, Finland – like Sweden – is now seeking NATO protection after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.