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Russian Schaeffler Factory: Will Siegfried Wolf get a chance?

Russian Schaeffler Factory: Will Siegfried Wolf get a chance?

Wolff also owns the former MAN plant in Steyr in Upper Austria, now called Steyr Automotive. At the end of August alone, 260 Steyr Automotive employees registered for dismissal in the Public Employment Service’s (AMS) early warning system. A few weeks ago, the system was turned on again by the car manufacturer.

“We found out from the works council that layoffs were imminent and that the early warning system in the employment service had been activated,” says Wolfgang Gerstmeier, Managing Director of GPA in Upper Austria. At a business meeting earlier this week, the impending job cuts were discussed: He couldn’t say exactly how many jobs were involved – he didn’t yet know the AMS numbers.

Volta Trucks is insolvent: what does this mean for Steyr Automotive?

It was only announced in September that Steyr Automotive had registered 260 employees for layoffs through the Employment Service’s Early Warning Service. The company stressed at the time that more work needed to be done to reduce the cost structure. The company, which still had 2,300 employees at the time of its takeover by Siegfried Wolf, will be reduced to 1,400 employees, of whom about 700 were originally supposed to work on Volta production. Due to Volta’s bankruptcy two weeks ago, more jobs are now at risk. “The necessary adjustment to cost structures also forces us to reduce the number of employees, especially in the area of ​​white-collar workers,” the company confirmed media reports on Thursday. But there was no accurate information about the numbers.

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In March 2022, Steyr Automotive will temporarily cease all production operations. According to the company, this was due to difficulties in delivering cable belts from Ukraine. The last trucks of the MAN brand also rolled off the production line in September. When Siegfried Wolf rescued the MAN factory in the summer of 2021, a two-year transitional manufacturing contract for the German truck manufacturer was also agreed. A kind of grace period during which Wolf must gain new customers, orders and new visibility for the site. During the acquisition process, obtaining new orders in the field of electric mobility was a key element of Siegfried Wolf’s future concept for Steyr Automotive. (APA/Red)