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Russia's bribes: Austria not yet informed by US intelligence

Russia’s bribes: Austria not yet informed by US intelligence

Russia is said to have paid more than $300 million to dozens of countries in recent years to get involved in politics. American intelligence informed the countries concerned. In Austria, the US has not reported, the ministry says on the PULS 24 request.

Russia is said to have transferred at least $300 million to more than two dozen countries to influence policies in its favour, says the United States. According to a government official, the amounts may be much higher. According to the US intelligence services, the money is said to have gone to parties, officials and politicians.

The media did not know the affected countries, but the affected countries were informed. According to the Austrian Interior Ministry, Austria is not one of the affected countries. No, so far “no such information has been received,” the ministry says after a PULS 24 request.

US intelligence reports have cited Ecuador and Bosnia and Herzegovina as examples of Russian influence in the past. But Austria has often been criticized for its close ties to Russia.

During her visit in June, Russian historian and human rights activist Irina Shcherbakwa described Austria as a “safe haven” for “self-enriched” former Russian officials. There are long-standing contacts between Russia and Austria. In addition, “Austria’s right-wing populist and nationalist tendencies play a natural role in Putin’s interest because he wants to promote them all over the world” as well as major economic interests such as heavy dependence on Russian gas.

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