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Saint Martin – Beginning in the United States: Verina Eberhard in competitive mode

Created on June 13, 2022 | 02:05

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Cycling began on Pentecost in Washington DC. Verina Eberhardt with her teammates from Team Wolfback Racing.


V.St. Martin’s Verina Eberhardt drives the first American races with her volleyball racing team against an impressive backdrop.

The St. Martin / Ward Red and Gold Cyclist kicked off the new season with his colleagues at the Pentecost weekend in Washington DC. Verina Eberhardt finished 14th and 54th in two races.

“It was hard to find another great place”

Although not planned in this form, the beginning was good for her. Because, in the first match, after the match fell, she was suddenly in the lead, which was not a good thing. So she was alone for a long time without the support of her teammates. “It’s hard for me to get another first place,” Eberhardt said. 14th place was even more successful for her.

The following Sunday, things did not go as planned for her as a driver. He should have hired his teammate Alija Beatty, but he had to retire. After that, the woman from South Berkeley retreated relatively far into the field. In the final it was only 54th. “However, in the beginning I was satisfied.” Now she is competing in Tulsa on three criteria.

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