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Sales and expansion – Whitestorfer development in the United States

With its headquarters in Klagenfurt, “WIG Wietersdorfer Holding GmbH” has 3,145 employees and HCB is looking forward to a successful business year 2020 following the environmental crisis surrounding the Kortskitschl cement plant. Now that the legal diversion is over, the chapter is also financially complete – we look forward to it. The company plans to invest 75 million euros each in long-term corporate growth, digitization and sustainability over the next three years, the company announced yesterday, Thursday: By 2035, cement & concrete, limestone, industrial ores, GRP and even thermoplastic pipe systems will be climate-neutral. “Our focus is clearly on sustainable business,” agrees Whiterstorfer managing directors Michael Junghans and Hans Kayler. Growth must continue: Amiflu and Hobas are set to gain points in the United States, where a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project is planned: with a new manufacturing facility, major orders are being targeted in US cities. There is also expansion in Africa, where a manufacturing facility has been acquired in Casablanca.

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